Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Favorite Ornaments - Super Heroes, Villains and…Hoops & Yoyo

What tree would be complete without a few super heroes and villains?

With three boys, our tree has its fair share.

From Batman to Spiderman fighting Green Goblin to Tron to Lego Darth Vader and don't forget to add in Mr. Incredible and Iron Man, our tree is securely protected and defended. ;D

And every tree must have a couple of Veggie Tales ornaments…

...and a Hoops and Yoyo ornament! This one sings to us, classics like:

"Shake it shake it shake it shake it
Shake it shake it shake it shake it
Shake it shake it shake-a your Christmas gift
That ain't all we're gonna do,
We're gonna rip the wrapping too
Woohoo! Hahaha!"


"We got a present, shake shake shake
Its sorta fragile, break break break
What's inside, we don't know
Uh, uh-oh, we gotta go
Woah! Hurry! Sorry, Mom!
Uh-oh, Don't tell Santa!"
I know you are familiar with those two songs, especially if you have little ones! :D

Just like our lives…
...we have the villain, the devil, always lurking around waiting for an opportunity to bring us down,
...while we have our heroes; our Christian brothers and sisters, the Word, and most importantly, our Savior ready and able to protect and defend us,
…and we have the crazy fun moments of life where we can let ourselves be silly for a little while and recount the joys of life.

This past month has been a great time to recount the joys of Christmases past!

And while our lives aren't perfect by no means, the good far outweighs the bad and the glorious reason we celebrate Christmas remains the reason we live and serve!

Thank you Jesus for being our ultimate Super Hero!

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