Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Favorite Ornaments - Oh Course, There's Sports!

In this house of soccer lovers, our tree would not be complete without soccer ornaments!

These two ornaments are, of course, Micah's.

And there would be more if they made more soccer-related ornaments!

But unfortunately, American football, basketball and baseball tend to rule the day when it comes to sports ornaments.
That's okay! We celebrate our love of soccer just by being in a soccer-saturated nation. ;D

Although Venezuela ranks second (behind the DR) in Latin America for sending baseball players to the Major Leagues, soccer is still beloved here.

One of the greatest thrills for our family was watching the World Cup this past summer while living in VZ. Every TV in every house and every store and every mall was tuned to the World Cup. Wherever we went people were wearing the jerseys of their favorite country's team. We saw mainly Germany, Brazil and Argentina jerseys being worn here.

We happened to be at a local mall one day when one of the Brazil games was being played. The jumbo screen in the food court was tuned to the game and it was standing room only with a sea of yellow and green jerseys filling the entire foot court.

If any of you have watched a soccer game in Spanish, you knew that when a goal is scored, the commentators, and of course, the fans yell, Gooooooooooooooooooool! forever!!
So, you can imagine the roar that went up with each goal Brazil scored.

When we were at home, we could hear that same roar from our neighbors' houses as their favorite teams played, as I am sure they heard the same roar from our house.

We had neighbors, both adults and kids, come to watch the games with us, and even if we couldn't communicate well, our love of soccer and our common teams brought us closer together.

It is like the body of Christ.

We don't have to look alike, or speak the same language, our common love for Jesus and our commitment to the same goals as Christians brings us closer together.

It makes us family!

And even when we are miles upon miles away from one another, we are still one in the Spirit.

We serve the same Creator, whether we live in Venezuela, or the US, or somewhere in Africa or Asia.

And each time we hear about another brother or sister joining the family, we should all yell, Gooooooooooooooooooool! :D

We must not forget to encourage or cheer on our brothers and sisters in the faith as we all serve Jesus and win others to Christ!

Now, let's go win the world for Him!

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