Saturday, June 29, 2013

Laughter...Life's Best Medicine

Another 2 months have passed and my grandiose ideas for frequent updates have proven flawed once again.

So, let's move on and talk about something else and avoid this subject altogether! ;D

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 17:22,

A cheerful heart is good medicine, 
But a crushed spirit dries up the bones. (NIV)

Our family laughs a lot and we try to enjoy life as much as possible, especially when things become difficult.

I mean, who wants the alternative. I don't prefer a crushed spirit or dried up bones, do you?

In light of this clear instruction, I would like to share a couple funny stories that we have experienced recently.

The first is short and sweet, because of course, it involves Merci and her adorable 6-year-old antics. Oh, the things that they think and say, especially when they have older siblings. They hear everything...and I mean...everything.

One evening after we returned from our last trip to Panama, Merci was working on her make-up work for school and she was given a math page to complete. On said page, she had to draw pictures of items and then mark out some of them as she practiced her subtraction.

On this one particular problem, she had to draw 9 rocks. I told her it was like drawing a circle, but with squiggly lines. She looked at me and with hands on her hips and head cocked to the side, preceded to tell me, "I can DO squiggly lines!"

And here is the result...(the first one is my example).

After we assured her that she did a wonderful job, we laughed really hard at her very unique rocks. :D

Next story, and this is one for the history books, hence, my telling of it on this blog.

One evening, as we were cooking supper, Malachi asked, "Mom, Dad, what's a pick-up line?"

After exchanging looks, I told Malachi that it was a corny statement that you would make to a girl to let her know you like her. We used this one as our example: "Are you tired? Because you've been running through my mind all day!"

Immediately, he began to pace and say things like, "I'm dead!" "What have I done?" "OMG!" "I'm an idiot!" 

In our confusion, we asked him what was wrong. He told us how, at school, he had been given a questionnaire to fill out and one of the questions was, "What is your favorite pick-up line?"

And since he didn't know what a pick-up line was, he thought maybe putting his favorite movie quote would suffice. might ask, "What is his favorite movie quote?" 

It is from the movie Silverado and the character, Malachi, played by Danny Glover.

Are you ready? Drumroll please.....And the quote is.....

"I don't want to kill you and you don't wanna be dead!"

We laughed til we hurt!

But that isn't the end of the story.

Several weeks later, he was called into the school office, along with several other students, and they were told that their pick-up lines were not very positive....positive....really....ya think?

(By the way, he asked his friend to explain in Spanish his confusion and that he wasn't trying to be negative.)

We laughed again til we hurt!

So...the end result was...

Laughter and a cheerful heart keep us sane in the midst of the stresses of life.

And we wanted you to have a good laugh too!