Friday, July 25, 2014

It's Beginning to Rain

As I sit here on my back patio, the heavens have opened and the rain is falling. 

Just a few minutes prior, my husband walked out and commented that it was getting hot. I simply said to him, 

“Yes, but look at the sky, the rain is coming. I hear the thunder.” 

As I said the words, an old song that my mom used to sing when I was little came to mind.

It’s beginning to rain, hear the voice of the Father
Saying “Whosoever will come drink of this water.
He’s promised to pour His Spirit out on his sons and his daughters
If you’re thirsty and dry, look to the sky, it’s beginning to rain

Are you thirsty and dry? 

Because I am, maybe not so much dry as thirsty.

I don’t want to be dry, but I always want to be thirsty...always wanting more of His Spirit...always wanting more of His living wateralways wanting more of His Presence.

I want to look to the sky and know that the heavens are always open to me...that no matter what circumstance surrounds me...He will rain on me the Spirit of His Presence. 

I need only to ask. I need only to look to the sky and call out to my Father, who sees me and knows. 

I'm ready for a Rain, or even better, a Reign of His Presence here in Venezuela. 

I'm ready for a Reign of His Presence in the United States. 

I'm ready for a Reign of His Presence throughout the Earth.

Are we ready to carry His Presence forth…into all the world?

Recently, a very humble man of God, shared with our family, words that only God could tell him. He spoke to each one of us and shared not only past and present thoughts, plans, hopes, but also things that God had for our future.

One thing he shared with one of our children was that "When you honor the presence of God, He allows you to carry the presence of God."

I want to honor the presence of God. 
I want to be allowed to carry His Presence with me. 
I want others to feel His Presence, not mine, in the places that I go, wherever I am.

With all that is going on in our world today, Jesus' return draws ever closer, maybe even quicker than we imagined. 

I want to be found in His Presence…honoring His Presence…and carrying His Presence to all who need to know Him as their Savior!

Another song comes to mind

Let the rain of your presence fall on me
Every day that I live, with every breath I breathe
Let the rain of your presence fall on me
Every where that I go, Lord let your presence flow
Rain on me

May we allow the Rain, or Reign of His Presence to fall on us in such a way that we refresh others and show the way to those who don't know Him as we carry His Presence with us.

And as the rain shower ends, the air is cooler, the earth smells fresh and revived, the breeze blows and the sky overhead is once again clear and blue, as if all things have been made new.